This is a place of recollection and reflection. Some may know who I am. I have no name here. You can call me anything you want. Some entries may contain discussions of abuse, stalking, harassment, neglect, and other potentially disturbing subjects. You have been warned. Please read at your own discretion. "Timeline" and "Masterpost" are sometimes updated, as these posts act as link collections for specific subjects.
||October 14th, 2016||Landscapes||    ||October 20th, 2016||Letters||    ||October 26th, 2016||Aftermath||
||October 26th, 2016||Details||    ||November 4th, 2016||Thoughts||    ||November 15th, 2016||Refusal||
||November 15th, 2016||Mail||    ||November 16th, 2016||Listening||    ||November 17th, 2016||Action||
||November 26th, 2016||Stupid||    ||December 16th, 2016||Howling||    ||December 25th, 2016||Fake||
||January 3rd, 2017||Testing||    ||January 21st, 2017||Empty||    ||January 22nd, 2017||Remembered||
||February 13th, 2017||Monthly||    ||February 14th, 2017||Timeline||    ||February 20th, 2017||1994||
||February 28th, 2017||Card||    ||March 3rd, 2017||Plans||    ||March 7th, 2017||CardII||
||May 4th, 2017||Family||    ||May 10th, 2017||Nightmares||    ||May 12th, 2017||Flooding||
||May 16th, 2017||NightmaresII||    ||May 19th, 2017||Memories||    ||May 19th, 2017||Places||
||June 2nd, 2017||Ordering||    ||June 5th, 2017||Woods||    ||July 2nd, 2017||Various||
||July 2nd, 2017||Masterpost||    ||August 24th, 2017||Behavior||    ||September 3rd, 2017||Three||
||September 5th, 2017||Again||    ||September 12th, 2017||Sending||    ||September 22nd, 2017||Weekly||
||October 1st, 2017||Back||    ||October 10th, 2017||Watching||    ||October 21st, 2017||Boy||
||October 21st, 2017||Recollection||    ||October 21st, 2017||VariousII||    ||October 21st, 2017||Misa||
||October 21st, 2017||NightmaresIII||    ||October 22nd, 2017||Familia||    ||October 22nd, 2017||Garbage||
||November 22nd, 2017||Schedule||    ||January 14th, 2018||WoodsII||