||October 26th, 2016 Wednesday|| After that creepy letter fiasco and him claiming he would take her non-response as proof that she didn't want to contact them anymore, of course that wasn't the end of it. He went straight to sending her mom up there to guilt trip her about how she needs to give into his paranoia to make him feel better and him acting crazy is just how he is. Her mom went asking if she was going to give out her new phone number and she dodged with "eventually". And then her mom left. This was, again, at her work place. She didn't even go up there under the pretense of ordering this time either. The next day after her mom showed up at her work, she got an email from him saying "we're here if you want to talk" or some shit like that. She checked their order history for the past few months. They don't typically order often, but when this all started, it suddenly switched to them ordering basically once a week. On top of, obviously, going up there at times and not ordering period. It's been a few days since any of them have tried contacting her. Hopefully, it stays that way, but I won't be surprised if they suddenly start showing up again around Thanksgiving and Christmas, guilt tripping her about how she needs to spend time with them because family holidays, blah blah. You know, these same people used to have her celebrate Valentine's day with them. That's right, the whole family, consisting primarily of adults celebrating a romantic holiday together. Creepy. But it looks like this might be finally the point of breaking away from them. There's still a few loose ends to tie up. Thank god she didn't fall for him telling her that after he finally had the car title put in her name like it should have been years ago of him telling her she should still let him keep it in his safe at his house. Fuck no. That whole car thing was a bunch of bullshit. "Here, we bought you a car, but it's in our name even though you're already eighteen and we're going to tell you when and where you can drive it". What. Like you know, can't visit me when it's drizzling and I live five minutes away, but they had her drive to and from school during a historic flood because reasons. Yeah, you guys care so much. That shit seriously pisses me off. Or the car insurance thing when she was still under them. They made her pay her portion for the bill (fair) plus what he claimed it went up by on their cars for her being on it (debatable) and decided for her what her insurance covered for her car (what) and his supposed math didn't add up at all (I calculated it myself, we're talking like at least a hundred or two dollars more than the "car+plus" number should be) and typically didn't even let her see the bill. He just gave her a number to pay. (AKA shady as fuck) When she had a phone through them it was a similar bullshit deal. He told her what to pay, but she had no control over what phone she got and he kept getting her cheap flip phones. Well, now she had a smart phone not through them and can see online in advanced what her car insurance bill will actually be rather than some surprise number that dipshit would make up that kept going higher every time. She closed her bank account out at the one they basically picked out for her and has a new one. (And their online shit actually works.) You know, I get that some people are overly controlling with their kids but still mean well, but it becomes so obvious who the nuts people are when you look at how they treat those kids once they become adults. On and off, into adulthood, they used to control when she could be online and tell her when she was allowed to talk on the phone. Including on weekends. They would guilt trip her for not wanting to spend weekend nights with them too. This internet control included shutting off the internet. They would shut off the house phone too. IIRC, at some point when her mom was living with them she was hit with this too because he decided she was on the computer too much. This shut off also affected, obviously, every single person in the house. But hey, she totally should keep living with them. They were still guilt tripping her for moving out like this year. She's in her mid-twenties and they're upset that she doesn't want to live with them anymore. And they also want to control everything she does if she lives there...um...kind of sounds like they want to keep the children they've raised into being perpetually dependent and infantile. Of course, my parents are no different. The many times they've said "we want you to live with us forever" and "we will move to wherever you live, even if it's states or countries away" before I even hit 18 is disturbing. It's just so weird because they would flip flop between neglect/abuse and then smothering. Was that supposed to make me forgive/excuse them for the first thing? Cause it didn't work. I've always wanted to change my name. I wonder how much that will cost. I like this state, but I am seriously considering the whole working in another country thing. But I still need to finish my degree before I can do anything like that. I'm too close to not finish it where I'm at. But the idea of having to completely disappear from here is also sad. I like some of the professors here and this state has always been my home. I'm sure I could be at home anywhere, so long as there's trees and rain, but no place will ever be here. There's also another issue. I have pets. So that's another factor to deal with in disappearing. Maybe just moving to another part of the state. I mean, this state is pretty big. I want to disappear. On another note, we might be getting married soon. But there are schedules and such to deal with in picking out the date. I'm sure both our families would flip their shit if they found out we got married in secret, but fuck them. It's none of their business.