||September 5th, 2017 Tuesday|| My wife texted me earlier that her grandfather showed up at her work this time. So much for every three months. It's been, what, four days? So, here's what happened. He came in and said that he was there to see her. She told him, "if you're not here to order, you need to leave". Then he said okay, all innocent and fragile-like, and left. Afterwards, she was in a pretty bad place mentally, feeling guilty about telling him to go because he sounded so sad and whatnot, but that faded off when she remembered she firmly told him not to come to her work place, and that she would call the cops if he refused to leave. He shouldn't be there. And that confirms the only reason her mom was up there at the beginning of the month was from him sending her up there. Not that there were any doubts, but yeah. I find it so bizarre and yet not surprising, given how my own parents act, that he technically pushed the "do this thing immediately on my terms without question or I'll presume you don't want us in your lives anymore" and when she refused, everything went even more crazy. Dude can't even respect the ultimatum he made himself. The innocent, nice route he's pulled this year is really creepy. We know you're faking, dude. It's so gross and slimy. Go back to controlling your little obedient sheep, dude. It's not happening here.