||February 28th, 2017 Tuesday|| Grandfather returns. I thought this post would be shorter but more ended up happened. I'm just going to go by time off of the texts in my phone. 9:31AM: My wife sees her grandfather's truck drive by in front of the store. But the direction it's coming from makes no sense. Basically, he either came up from the highway to go to the store at the opposite end of the parking lot (there's a store that's not part of the shopping strip and far away from everything) and then drove down toward the strip and across it to leave despite there being an exit right near that other store that would lead him in the same direction, or he drove around the back of the store to check if her car was there. She checks if he parks but does not see his truck anywhere. He appears to have left the parking lot. 10:07AM: My wife sends me a text a few minutes after this next part happens. She says a couple of minutes passed, so this likely occurred around 10:04-ish. She was going to unlock the door as it's supposed to be unlocked after 10AM. He parks his car at the far end of the parking lot part that's for the grocery store. (The store she works in is at the very end of the strip, very far from where he parked.) She assumes he's going to the grovery store, but she goes to the back of the store in case he might come in. 10:17AM: She goes back up to the front and sees that his truck is gone. 10:18AM: She finds an envelope on the counter at work on the employee's side of the counter basically right in between two of the keyboards behind the counter and the card is propped up to face anyone at working the front. It's a generic birthday card with her name on it in his handwriting. No mention of apologies or anything, no questions, nothing. Just a generic message on the card. $3.50 generic birthday card inside text: Who doesn't love to celebrate you? You are certainly worth it! Love (grandparents) I saved the pictures she took of the card and where she found it at in the store, along with the card and envelope, which will go with the letter he wrote. I also took screenshots of the texts she sent me. I may upload censored versions of those at some point, but I'd need to block out a lot of details about street names and such first. Anyway, proof that despite her email telling them to not contact her anymore, especially at her work, he deliberately went into her work place to try to communicate to her. No apologies, not attempts to reconcile his past behavior. Just complete denial of what previously happened and acting like everything is peachy. I am astounded that this man thinks that a $3.50 generic card on her birthday with no other gift and no apology would be enough to make her magically forgive him for everything. It's like he's either straight up saying he thinks he did nothing wrong and she's overreacting to him or he legit thinks a fucking birthday card will make her forgive him. This also means the incident on 2/13 was precisely what I thought it was, him testing the waters. We wondered if he might send her mom up there tonight, but she's already left work so if they plan on doing that, they won't find her there. I'm sure to an outsider someone's grandfather sneaking in a birthday card might look cute or nice, but this man has been told to not contact her and he went into her work place anyway and did nothing to say he was actually sorry for his previous behavior. He also went in basically as soon as the store legally had to be open and checked to see if she was working there. This is merely a mild version of when he tricked her mother into moving back all the way across the states with the promise of a shiny new car and tons of money only to cheat her and entrap her. But it's not going to work. I won't be surprised if he either A) tries more gifts or B) tries to be an asshole again to make her feel guilty. I'm going to start updating the Timeline entry every time something like this happens.