||March 7th, 2017 Tuesday|| So, another grandfather visit. I've saved a screenshot of the texts again and I'll be hanging on to that. Sometime before the store is open, her grandfather comes up to the store's door and is waving around an envelope. My wife does to the back since she's already heading in that direction and doesn't want to deal with him anyway. Her grandfather ended up giving the mail to her coworker that was also there. It ended up being a birthday card from her aunt (on dad's side). She's written to her aunt before to send mail to this address, but for some reason she keeps sending everything to the grandparents address instead. Grandfather apparently looked really happy standing in front of the store door waving the letter around. So, another instance of him coming into contact with her since the creepfest last year he's been bizarrely happy. Some points of note. He delivered this before the store opened, so again he's going up there when he knows she may likely be completely alone since she's the first person in the store. Two, he got the letter yesterday. There's no way around it. Mail never runs that early around here, period. He was up there far too early for it to have ran, much less if you take into account travel time for him to get the mail, then decided to leave/get ready to leave, and travel. Even if he hopped straight from the house to mailbox to car and drove straight there right away, there's no way. So, he got it yesterday, and he knows the days she works. So he chose to not give it to her in the afternoon or at night, but wait until the next morning, at a time he is very well aware the store is not open and she has a high chance of being alone to deliver it. Though he shouldn't be coming up there regardless. This seems to be a pattern. Weirded out that he went from super creepy demanding last year to pretending-nothing-happened creepy cheery. WTF. I guess he really does think this will somehow make her "come back to them". LOL no.