||October 26th, 2016 Wednesday|| My girlfriend has reminded me of some details I forgot about. The only reason he made her have a flip phone was because he didn't want to pay for the data, so he picked her a phone that didn't need data...and then made her pay for it anyway, so WTF. The internet restrictions continued even during a time frame when she was looking for a job, cutting off at 5pm. She also had phone restrictions then too. The internet restrictions shifted all over the place in terms of when it shut off. At some point, her and her mother argued for it to be moved to midnight since she worked into the night and wouldn't get to use it at all. It eventually stopped shortly before she was about to move out anyway. They were also heavily controlling where she was allowed to go when she was looking for a job. To further stop her from talking on the phone at night, they also lied to her that their cell phone service didn't include nights and weekends, when those were free. Her mom informed her that they had free nights and weekends, so she just talked on her cell at night when they cut off the landline. I vaguely remember most of this stuff, but forgot about all of it. Also, when her mom was young, before she was born, they used to have a switch in their bedroom to shut off the landline so she couldn't talk on the phone too. Why the obsession with limiting access to communicating with other people? I think why is quite obvious. As for them forcing her to be around them all the time, she was afraid to not spend her birthdays with them even after she moved out. Because apparently they're totally entitled to all of her time. Christmas, birthday, Valentine's day, weekends... On Christmas, it wasn't just spending Christmas with them. Once she moved out, they expected her to spend the night there so she could be there for Christmas eve and Christmas day. Both days had to be just for them and no one else. During the time her and her mother were both last living with them, her mother had only moved in with them because she was short on money and looking for a place to stay. They offered to let her stay there saying that she could stay free of charge to save up her money. Once she actually moved in, they started charging her rent anyway. Supposedly, they were "saving" this money for her so she could use it later because they decided that she was too incapable of saving her money on her own. Whether or not this "saved" money was ever given back, I do not know. But given their other shady behaviors, I highly doubt it. Both lying and condescending. For more context on how crazy her grandfather is, when her uncle was still alive, at some point her grandfather pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him and himself as a murder-suicide because (supposedly) her uncle was on drugs. Apparently, that was his solution to the problem, threaten to kill him. Not get him some help or anything. Just, you know, get out the gun. This man likes guns, by the way. She doesn't know too many details more about all this, since it was something her grandfather admitted to casually at some point and her uncle is dead. He was shot by someone and the person who shot him was never found. I couldn't find much of any details on this. There was also that time she almost got a nice secretary gig, but had to decline it because her grandmother lied about a bunch of shit to get it arranged that she would have to 1) keep up 2) and wouldn't matter because those details would eventually be checked and thus be caught in said lie. So, that was pointless. One of their other freakouts happened when she decided (long after already not living with them) that she would do her taxes on her own instead of letting her grandmother do them for her. Apparently, her mother still lets the grandmother do her taxes for her. Every year, they would expect her to go over there and her grandmother would do everything for her. That seemed stupid to me. An adult should handle their own taxes, or if they have really complicated stuff to do, consult a professional. I knew her taxes would be pretty easy to do, so it seemed absurd that they wouldn't let her do it on her own. Well, one year she decided to do it on her own. They freaked the fuck out. Harassing her at work and on the phone, telling her she has to have her grandmother do it because she'll totally mess it up, she can't possibly do it on her own, she'll end up owing a bunch of money, etc. And then they just wholesale made up shit which I quickly showed her at .gov sites was not true. Like, it got really embarrassing. Seriously coming up to someone's work arguing with them while they're working that they need to have their grandma do their taxes...so cringey. She had no trouble doing her taxes on her own. What a shock. So, uh, more context. Of course, there's plenty of other weird shit. Just some more details to show you the batshitness. Fun fact: At some point, in a crowded mall, he started freaking out because he thought he was going to run out of air from all the other people in the mall sucking it up. I think the only person on drugs here is him.