||October 20th, 2016 Thursday|| This week has been the week of encounters confirming exactly why neither my girlfriend nor myself should have anything to do with our families. First, there's my mom pulling her usual money shenanigans (read: trying to scam money out of me) and then there's me catching her trying to steal something from me and then acting like she wasn't. Status update on my brother is he continues to be a lazy fuck, spending all his time in the "dungeon" as my parents call it (AKA their basement), eating full meals every fucking hour, bitching that there's not more food in texts to my mom (complete with gifs?), and him sending her texts that he's put his sheets upstairs so she needs to hurry up and wash them. And as I wonder WTF is wrong with my parents and my brother, my mother excuses his behavior as simply being "spoiled". He's going to be twenty-three next month. Why the fuck is he not washing his own clothes at nearly twenty-three? Why would anyone in that age range, especially a man, want their mother washing their laundry? Gross. There's my dad thinking he deserves an even bigger house than the one he already can't afford because he should totally be treated like a king for existing or something, as he continues to not understand how money works. I expect them to end up losing their house and filing bankruptcy again within five years TBH. All things considered, it could be worse with them. My parents were much more violent and weird when I was younger. But I think at this point some of that has calmed down since they both seem to be living in some delusional fantasy at this point. Still, go the fuck away. You can't have my money. And bro, go to school, get a job, or do some training with someone. Also get your GED already. What the fuck. Wash your own clothes. And onto my girlfriend, recently her crazy family's been at it again. Her grandfather is the center of all the crazy, and somehow he has managed to top that Disney World fiasco. For a while, her grandfather was trying to demand some lunch date out of her because he said so, and she dodged that. Then he got butthurt and didn't communicate at all for a while. At some point, we both got new phones when we switched to a different phone service, and neither of us bothered keeping our old numbers. Well, she never bothered giving anyone in her family the new number. I told her if she didn't want to, there was no reason she had to. They weren't entitled if she didn't want to give it. Anyway, a month after that point, he calls and can't get through. So he sent an e-mail instructing her to call their house. She doesn't. So he goes up to her work. He doesn't ask for the number then. He tells her she needs to call the house specifically. When she told me that, I said she didn't need to call him. He doesn't just get to decide when she does something. He can wait, and more importantly, why didn't he just ask for the number? Or tell her why he was calling originally? She doesn't bother calling him that night. So, he sends her mom and her grandmother down to her work to "check" on her. They don't ask her for the number or mention it. They're just there to see what she's up to. One of those didn't even involve asking for her, just going up there when they know she's working to be there. They've done this shit on other occasions. She mentioned to me they've never ordered on one of those days before, like ever. The store manager already knows about how crazy they are, so she told her to go in the back for one of those incidents. IIRC, that one store incident was Sunday. At some point there was also a panicking email sent from him and him demanding again to call their house phone specifically. Why not ask for the number on Sunday? Her grandmother didn't even ask for her apparently. There's this thing with him. Everything must be done on his terms. He could easily have asked for the number in person or have someone else ask, but that he refused to do. She must give it to him through the way he decided. Tuesday, she's stressed from them she takes off work and switches days with the store manager. We watched Natsume that night, and it was a creepy Matoba episode involving Matoba sending Natsume a letter demanding he do something for him, then coming up to his house and coercing him into doing something and meeting with him a specific time and location with no alternative. Why is this interesting to the story? She doesn't work Wednesdays, so fast-forward to today, the day she switched. She sees her grandfather pull up beside her car. She goes in the back not wanting to deal with his bullshit, but he never comes in. Later, one of the other employees comes in and tells her there's a flyer on her car. She goes out there and finds an envelope on her car addressed to her. The letter is him panicking again about how she hasn't called their house number, and he ends it with an ultimatum. He demands she go over to his house immediately after work or he will take it to mean that she doesn't want to be around them anymore, and then ends it that he hopes to see her that night. He even bothers to date the letter. Back to another detail. As I mentioned before, she took off Tuesday and switched to working Thursday in exchange. She pretty much never works Thursdays. So the only way he could know she was going to be there was if he went up daily to look for her car. I mentioned the Natsume thing because if she had worked Tuesday, she would have seen that episode the same day as receiving that letter. An episode with that kind of content happening this week was pretty weird anyway. TBH, glad she took off Tuesday so those two things wouldn't be on the same day. So, when she calls me after work, I say, you know what, let's go out and get something to eat. I'll buy you anything you want. We ended up getting some Briar Patch and talked some more about the whole situation, this week in general, and what her grandfather may do next. She told some of the other employees about the letter. They were are weirded out and pissed as I was. One of them said she should write him a letter back to leave her alone and stick it in their mailbox. Honestly, I don't think replying will do any good. The guy's nuts. Hell, I'm still pissed that he presumed I would be involved in some drug cult (???) because I'm hispanic. WTF. Though presuming someone's on/involved with drugs seems to be his go to with everything. And there was that Disney thing where he made up some crazy scenario in his head that my girlfriend was pretending to go to Disney World to meet up with her father. I guess I should mention here that her grandparents were her legal guardians, because when her father left her mother, he didn't end up with any options to visit from what it seems (and they flat out wouldn't let her contact him) and her mother straight up gave up her guardianship rights to them because...I'm not really sure why. These things all happened at roughly the same time. Supposedly, her father kidnapped her, used to do drugs, and was totally "weird". And also he's a bad dad because he never contacted her when she was young. Here's the thing though--if he really had kidnapped her, there should be some way to find that out, and two, if he had, then it wouldn't be weird if he wasn't allowed to contact her and wouldn't be him being an ass pretending she didn't exist. And more importantly, three, her grandparents read through her mail all the time and regularly gave her letters from her aunt (father's sister) that were already opened. So, I investigated these claims on him. No kidnapping charges. Hell, no criminal record at all really. Some more details, her aunt gave her the info to contact her father after she turned 18. (I presume because they wouldn't have the right to stop her, as she was an adult) Her grandparents didn't want her contacting him. They knew that was in the letter because they read through it and handed her the opened letter. I think we can presume the reality is that if he ever did send anything, it would never reach her. She emailed him a while during that time, and he was pretty normal. I looked into him later, and found out he runs his own business and seems to be doing pretty well. Much better than her mother, that's for sure, who's not had a stable residence for long and on and off ends up living with the grandparents. The funny thing about the Disney trip is we took plenty of pictures (including us posing with costumed employees) and brought back souvenirs with you know, the official Disney Parks seal and all on it. Plus, you know, the wristbands, the receipts, etc. from the trip. Like, it was obvious we went. But they were so pissed and made up this story that she pretended to go to see him and that was the worst thing in the world. But WTF, she's not allowed to ever see her own father? Why? There was also the bullshit with the car title. At 18, they "bought" her a car...that they put in their name and wouldn't let her use at times when they decided. Which included like light drizzle weather if she was visiting me, but she needed to drive to and from school in the middle of a historic flood when she still had like barely any driving experience at all, in case you had the silly idea it had anything to do with concern for her well being. Eventually, we arranged for it to finally be put in her name. What does he do that day? Try to convince her she should hand him over the title and let him keep it in his safe because apparently she's too stupid and irresponsible to take care of it herself. She asks me if it's a good idea to let him have and I'm like no, do not let him have that. That's something he can use against you. We're keeping it where we keep our other important documents. Thankfully, she did exactly that. Given the shit he's pulling right now, it would have been hell to get it back from him at this point. TBH, there's too many things to mention with him. So much weirdness and manipulation. Like how he used to block her friends' phone numbers when she was grounded then act like them not calling meant they didn't care that much. She didn't know he would do that with my number too until after high school. But yeah, he had blocked me at some point before he had ever met me in person! Because...I have no idea why. The man is nuts. And her grandmother and mother are basically his pawns. Occasionally, her mother has a bit of sense and sees through it, but she seems to be back under his thumb right now. Dude can fuck off. This all happened over a short period of time, all this panicking and weird shit. I bet he's concocting some batshit paranoid story right this second when the reason she hasn't been contacting him is because they're crazy and always disrespectful to her. He probably thinks I'm like brainwashing her into some shady shit, and I'm just sitting here watching her play Yoshi's Woolly World. My family by comparison has been less batshit lately, but their record stands on its own without needing recent over the top batshit displays. All interactions with any of them are just insufferable at this point. I'm kind of laughing that the last major interaction I had with her involved her trying to pull a pity routine when I offhandedly mentioned most of the food choices she made for me as a kid were pretty shitty and she got all whiny like "oh I'm the worst parent in the world then I'm such a terrible person (tell me I'm not)". I'm just thinking if police had known half the things she and my father did when I was a child, she'd be in jail so fucking fast. Yes, you're a terrible mom. You used to drag me down the hall, slam me on the bed, and squeeze my wrists so tightly I thought you were going to break my arms while you told me you had the right to kill me because I "talked back" to you about you mistreating me. And how you were always more violent in Summer because if you did leave bruises on my arms or lower legs, there wouldn't be any teachers around to notice. Normal parents don't do that, or most of the things you did. Really, feeding me primarily junk food when you bothered to feed me as a kid is like not really at the top of my list of things I gave a deep fuck about. I only mentioned that because you were going on about how you totally fed me healthy foods unlike the other parents. I love the times when I've mentioned some of my girlfriend's family's craziness to my own family, and my dad's like "I don't see anything wrong with any of that, it makes perfect sense". Birds of a feather, I guess.