||July 2nd, 2017 Sunday|| Since I've been having so many entries about my past, I'm going to collect all the links together that are connected. I will be updated this whenever I have a new post related. Remembered: Collection of memories about various things my parents used to do. Empty: Another lengthy collection of their behaviors, this one a bit more organized and broken into sections. Fake: Mostly Christmas and general family memories. 1994: My initial delving into the memory gaps and mental states as a young child, possibly the first trauma I encountered in early childhood. Also, a lot of memories from my childhood, about various relatives. Family: Some more recent things, reveals about things in my family's past, some of my brother's current behaviors, and gaslighting. Flooding: Discussing sudden personality shifts/behavioral changes as a child, memory issues, nightmares, and unexplained, odd memories, fears, and behaviors. Discussions of self harm, suicidal ideation, and possible trauma. Memories: Various memories about different relatives and my parents interactions with them and me. Places: Early elementary school memories, memories of Storm Boy and Ir, more memory gaps, and info on those first two elementary schools. Nightmares: A collection of some nightmares I remember having. NightmaresII: A recent nightmare and some thoughts on it. Woods: More nightmares and memories. Various: Disjointed thoughts and more memories, some stuff about gaslighting and the early elementary schools. Behavior: Long post, mostly about my mom's behavior, but some about my dad as well. Abuse, possible hoarding issues, weird memories, hobbies, lying. VariousII: Long post. A lot on my mom and weird early childhood stuff, stock phrases, and some stuff on my brother's unchecked behavior. Misa: My brother's ex-girlfriend and everything that happened with her. NightmaresIII: Two more nightmares and an unsettling memory of my father. Familia: My mom's treatment of her side of the family. WoodsII: My mom acting crazy last year, stuff about daily things as a kid, memories of my aunt and my grandfather, and more details on 1994.