||May 19th, 2017 Friday|| Some more memories from the past, some of these brought up from a conversation earlier today during a walk. -I couldn't remember what this was called at the time, but after some googling, what I was looking for was latch hooking. My aunt was into doing that for a while when I was really young before she married that asshole, and she was making pretty big pieces at some point. I'm pretty sure there was at least one in there that was a unicorn since she was obsessed with unicorns during that same time frame. Anyway, at some point she gave my parents one of the ones she completed of a tiger. I couldn't remember at the time if it was a tiger or a panther, because I know we had a tiger in the house and a panther in the house, and one was on the floor and one was on the wall. But it's been a long time since I'd seen either of those things. While I was googling, I lucked out and actually came across someone selling old patterns and found the same pattern she used. It was definitely that tiger pattern. (Which means the rug on the floor was the panther.) Anyway, my dad and my grandparents always treated this as just "one of those things she does". They never really complimented her on them, even when some of the things she completed got really big. My dad spent years going on about how he could do the same thing, better in fact, and he totally has and had been for years. He never showed me any ones he did, but he kept going on about how she "made so many mistakes" and wasn't very good at it, blah blah. Several years later, like around a decade after she gave him that piece, a guest came over and complimented it. My dad claimed he made it. -Going along with her unicorn obsession, at some point she bought some ceramic figurines of unicorns and painted them. She gave two of them to my grandmother and had several others in her room when she lived with them. This was another "one of those things she does" and not anything of note. My family was very apathetic about her painting them and often would bring up that my dad totally painted figurines far better than her. Which doesn't make much sense anyway, because the way my dad painted his figurines was with a completely different technique. Looking back, I don't find my dad's paintjobs to be particularly impressive, especially for a guy who used to do custom paintjobs on trucks. I wouldn't say my aunt's painting was super amazing either, but at the very least, it looked about as good as his. My grandma actually complained that the figurines my aunt painted for her were a waste of space, but because they were a gift, she couldn't get rid of them so soon. -At some point, she decided to paint some unicorns. This was another one of her "wasting time" things, and she did it paint by number, so it means it sucks. Except when my dad uses those, because he "improves" on them to make them look better. (i.e. He would mess up then claim that was what he was trying to do the whole time. His old art assignments were also filled with "fixes" that the professor "just didn't understand" made the assignment better.) -When I was little, my grandfather wanted to take me hunting. He wanted to show me how to use a gun and take a gun safety class and all that jazz. My father flipped the fuck out about this, saying hunting was boring and my grandfather didn't know how to teach me how to use a gun, and my dad would be so much better at teaching me than my grandfather. So my grandfather lent him the rifle he was going to teach me to shoot with so my dad could do it. My dad put up a target and gave me the rifle. His way of "teaching" me was to say "point the gun at the target and shoot". After one shot, he took the gun back away from me saying that was all I needed to know. I never went hunting. He refused to let my brother go hunting as well. I can't remember if my brother ever got to shoot a gun, but I don't think so. My grandfather didn't take any of his grandkids hunting until my cousin S was old enough, and then my dad tried to get in the way of that happening too by saying she shouldn't be allowed to go because she's a girl and girls can't hunt! Or some bullshit. But he couldn't stop that because duh my uncle would have the final say in that, and my uncle completely approved since he also liked to go hunting. Later, he deemed hunting bad in general because that's something "rednecks do". I have no idea what his actual hang-up about hunting is. I initially brought this up because when my dad's tried to one up me about archery knowledge (which he repeatedly displays he has next to none), he would use his past "hunting experience" as proof he knew a lot about bows. From hunting with them. According to my grandfather when he was alive, my dad hated hunting, rarely went with them, and when he did, they typically didn't use bows, they used guns. Exactly how much "hunting experience" could my dad really have ever had with a bow? -One time, my dad was sorting through my great-uncle's videos (don't know why, think he was looking for some pirate movie) and he came across some porn set in a high school. I was in the room at the time, and instead of immediately turning the video off, he kept watching it for a while after the girls took their clothes off. He did this for a few of the videos, and didn't shut the videos off until a couple would actually be fucking on screen. Yes, he knew they were porn videos. He mentioned it was porn while he had it on, and was laughing about it, then oogling the girls. They had really obvious porn titles as well that you saw before anyone got naked. (Some of the VHS tapes were unlabeled, so the title wasn't clear until it showed up on the video.) At least one of them had an obvious porn title on the VHS label. Meanwhile, when we'd watch regular movies when my mom was there, they'd make me and my brother cover our eyes when people got naked or during the sex scenes. I'm pretty sure my mother was not in the room when he was going through my great-uncle's tapes. I'm not sure how old I was when this happened, early elementary school, probably 1st-2nd grade, maybe early 3rd. It felt like at the time the only reason he shut off at the actual sex scenes is because he didn't want to get caught with a porn video on screen and he could play it off as not knowing if people were just naked. he watched the first VHS's first sex scene a bit longer than the other ones, and he kept laughing about it and saying "I remember these" because apparently he'd seen the same porn movies before. (or went through my uncle's videos before?) I remember feeling really creeped out he didn't immediately turn off the video, even if I was also oogling the naked girls. Because you know. Why would you not instinctively go to turn it off when you realize something is porn and your kid is in the room?! -I was grateful when we moved into the second house and it didn't have a shower, just a tub and my parents had decided I had to bathe my brother because then I no longer had to shower with them. My parents used to always force me to shower with them when I was really little. I can kind of understand that, not wanting the kid to get hurt or something at that age. But when you have a tiny shower and you're pushing two adults and a kid into that space, it gets crowded, and when you're small and standing in between you two naked parents...the view isn't exactly pleasant. I don't know why my brother wasn't forced to bathe with them though. At the age he was bathing with me, I would have been forced to shower with them. But me getting a couple years older apparently meant I'm responsible enough to handle a toddler in the bath on my own according to them. My dad claims I would beg to get into the shower with them, and that he was so great at teaching me things that he used my desire to get in the shower to teach me my ABC's. I was required to say my ABC's forward and backwards in a specific amount of time before I could get in the shower. I had to repeat this until I said it fast enough for him. I did like showering because I liked water, but I wanted to shower alone. My favorite part of the shower back then was the moments before they both got in it. In the other house, I would try to take baths as many times as I would be allowed because that meant my brother wouldn't always want to take a bath during some of those and I could bathe alone. I have very distinct memories of sitting in the bathtub, watching the reflection of the lights move on the water. I would do that a lot. Sometimes, I'd pour glasses of water and just watch the lights move to forget everything around me.