||February 13th, 2017 Monday|| There's been plenty of things I've wanted to make entries about lately, but I haven't really had time to do it. Just making a quick one so I can remember when this happened. So, earlier today my wife's crazy grandfather pulls up to the parking lot and shops at the store directly beside the store she works in. Technically not breaking any rules, since he wasn't bothering her at her work, but I feel like anyone with sense and respect wouldn't go shopping at the store immediately beside the one someone who doesn't want to ever speak to them again works at. It's not like it was a specialty store. The store next door is a Family Dollar and he went to buy Valentine's day crap. There's an even bigger store further down the strip that would have had nicer things and more variety than there, and he's not strapped for cash. It just felt like he picked that store on purpose. But I may just be a bit paranoid there. ETA: Wife says typically, for what he was getting, he would have gone to a completely different kind of store and there's two stores in particular he would normally go to. Neither of which are anywhere near where she works. Then he leaves with some gift bag or something he bought. He doesn't go over to her store or near her car, thankfully. But that's not the last of him she sees that day. As she's leaving from work, there's some heavy traffic and she's stuck on the road for a while. He passed by her on the road going back to the same shopping strip (???) and waves at her all friendly like nothing happened. The two of them have not spoken since that one day when he came up to her work when it was closed and just let himself in to interrogate her about why she changed her address to her...actual address so now he can't look through her mail anymore and then handed her a bunch of half opened mail of hers. Her e-mail to them was quite clear she was not interested in being all nice with them anymore. She straight up put in the e-mail if they harass her at work again, she would be calling the police. Since then, he's used her mom to try and get to her, as recent as last month. There's been no real communication between them beyond that and certainly none to give him the impression that they're on good terms again. It's like he's acting like nothing happened. And maybe it's just me, but if someone says they'll call the cops on you if you bother them again, to then wave and smile all happy when you pass them while driving seems...creepy. That, or delusional. I'm going to post a current timeline entry at some point. Her birthday is coming up and Valentine's day is tomorrow. Remember, they used to have everyone in the family exchange V-day gifts even when mostly everyone involved were adults. So, either day (or the days right after) could be a time they might try to bother her. But hopefully they don't do anything stupid. I just wonder if he's testing the waters to see how close he can get without getting in trouble. But again, I might be jumping to conclusions. I just can't tell because this guy is so batshit. Hence why I'm recording this just in case.