||June 2nd, 2017 Friday|| I had another entry I planned on putting up soon, but it's taking me time to get it all sorted out. That will be put up at some point, but not likely today. I have another update to make. Recently, my wife's grandmother's birthday passed. Well, today guess who showed up at her work? Her grandmother came in to order even though she's already informed them not to come up to her work place. This marks the first time any of them have actually stayed in there for a while since the last time her mother went up there. The other times in between, her grandfather stayed just outside the store or went inside briefly to leave that card. She noticed her grandmother's car in the parking lot, but waiting to go to the back office until she saw her come out of the car. She took some phone calls back there and eventually saw on the order screen that her grandmother did make an order. She also thought she saw her grandmother's car earlier in the day passing by and leaving in a similar route as that other weird time with her grandfather, but she wasn't 100% completely sure it was her. That would certainly fit their pattern of checking earlier in the day to see that she's actually at work before going in to order, but who knows if it was her. Given the odd leaving direction, I'm certainly suspicious. There's no other "important" dates they might use until September, but there is always the possibility of them just picking that ordering once a week thing again. She's going to be looking into getting a different job or being transferred to a different store. After that, I don't know what method they might use to try to contact her. Unless they found her new work, odds are I'd be with her any time she's out most of the time, and they do not want to try pulling shit in front of me.