||January 3rd, 2017 Tuesday|| When my wife calls me that she's on her way home, she tells me she has bad news. Her mother showed up at her work again. This time, she talked to her. Rundown of the interaction: -"Did you know you have a dent in your car?" She's had a dent in her car for about two months now and her mother (and grandparents) would have already seen long before now. Second, the only reason she would know about that dent, considering her mother didn't park close enough to actually see her car would be if she walked close enough to see it or she already knew that information. Which we know she would now since her family stalks her work and harasses her by checking if her car is in the parking lot. -"Did they tell you about the email?" "Yeah, but I didn't know what that meant." The email which stated she didn't want to talk to any of her family anymore and if they came up there to harass her again she would involve the police. -"You're only here because they sent you up here." "No, I came on my own." "It doesn't matter. You've come up here before to harass me because they told you to. Do you not see why I wouldn't want to talk to you?" "Well, I may have done that before, but this time is different." It's obvious why she's there. She's not there to order and she's pretending she's there over something that everyone would already know at that point and has nothing to do with her mom. It's also immediately after the holiday season, just like her last visit was not long after Thanksgiving. The only times she's come up there in the last few months has been on their command. There is no reason to believe otherwise. Also, nice trying to dodge past behavior. -"Why do you hate me and (your little brother)?" Playing the little brother card. He was never directly mentioned in the email (as he has nothing to do with any of this) and no one ever brought him up in the conversation prior to this point. This was clearly only said for guiltripping and emotional manipulation. This time around, another employee who had yet to be exposed to their craziness was present along with one who's seen several of the other incidents. The girl who already knew about this stuff tried to give my wife a heads up about her mom coming in but she was on the phone at the time. My wife verified with the girl to make sure she heard her tell her mom that she doesn't want her coming up there again, so that next time if her mom comes up and tries to claim she didn't know that, she can prove she did tell her to not come up there. She presumed this is part two of them "testing" the extent of the email and what they can use her mom to get away with, just like the last time they sent her mom up there. She doesn't think they'd send her brother in, but we're going to prepare her for that just in case cause that's about as low as they can go with the emotional manipulation. The other day, I mentioned her grandfather seemed to have a fixation for cars. The whole entrapping her mom years ago through use of a car, the thing with the gun and the truck involving her uncle and grandfather, her own car that they initially gave her just to have another way to control her, stalking her primarily by looking for her car, using her needed to have him fix trivial things about her car as an excuse to get her over there, and then the batshit letter being left on her car windshield. And here comes her mom in on orders from them to mention something about her car as her excuse for being there. I have to wonder if they'll put another letter on her car one day, as stupid as that would be.