||February 14th, 2017 Tuesday|| Contents of letter and emails posted with wife's permission. My wife was planning on gradually having less contact with her family for a while, as she started to realize just how batshit some of their behavior is. There's no way I could catalog all of the craziness over the years just from the things they've done while we were dating/married, much less getting into things from before that point (though the Disney incident really stands out), so this will only cover from February 2016 and onward. She really started cutting down on the interactions a lot that year, though IIRC the low contact began before then. ETA 2/28/17: I'm going to keep updating this entry whenever something happens. February 2016-July 2016 February 2016: Did not go over to her grandparents on her birthday like she typically does to spend the day with me instead. She called them telling her grandparents she would not be coming over and that she was tired from work and wanted to stay home that day. Note: it's not that she plans to go over there. They simply expect that she would because they expect her to spend any "special" day with them. She says she never felt like she was allowed the "choice" of what she could do on her birthday before. March 2016: Mom brought birthday present late. Grandparents wouldn't bring gift. Did not acknowledge birthday at all after the fact when normally they give a gift. Tax fiasco happened where they harassed her at work over not letting her grandmother do her taxes. May 2016: Grandmother called my wife while she was at work and she didn't answer. Grandmother sent an email saying she tried to call because her brother (my wife's great uncle) died. My wife called her back after seeing the email and after giving her condolences, they talked about other things that included her grandmother guilt-tripping about not spending enough time with them and that she needs to let her grandfather change the oil in her car so he can feel useful. This was after a long stretch of them not contacting her whatsoever since the tax fiasco. At the end of the month, she called her grandmother to wish her happy birthday and chose not to go over there for her birthday for once. June 2016: Grandfather sent an email saying he wanted to do lunch sometime. Boss was going on vacation, she said she could not go because busy due to boss going on vacation. Wife's note: whenever he tried to make specific plans to meet up somewhere, he wants to talk about something specific but will not say what it is until after he's already gotten her alone to tell her about what she "needs" to do/change in her life. July 2016: Grandfather came up to the store and asked if she was still busy. Wife said "my schedule's been all over the place". Later that month, Boss had another chunk of time off and she said she was too busy to go have this "lunch date" with him the next time he pestered her about going on a lunch date. August 2016-February 2017 8/?: Grandfather came up to her work asking if she had free time to go on that lunch date. She said she'd been going on nature walks a lot lately. He suggested she call him after she gets done with one of her walks so they can go do lunch. He said something pointing out that she hadn't gone on the lunch date and was always busy and she tried laughing it off, but he remained completely serious. Typically, this kind of comment of his is meant as a joke. 8/15: One of them ordered, but my wife wasn't there. Email from grandfather containing a link to a Craigslist job listing for something not related to anything she's ever been interested in or mentioned before nor has skills in. He would do this occasionally over the years, and the jobs have never made any sense. 9/29: Wife sends email for grandfather's birthday: "Happy Birthday! Hope you guys are doing okay! Love, (Wife's name)" 9/30: Grandmother ordered. Mentioned the issue with a car part being recalled that she only knew about from opening my wife's mail. The letter was from several months ago warning that it was dangerous and possibly life threatening to have anyone in the front passenger's seat and the new part to replace it was ready. They chose to not inform her of this, despite obviously having read this months ago since the letter was dated, until then. They did not give her the letter either. Grandmother complained about her order, had it remade, and then asked my wife, "did you mess it up?". Email from grandparents as a response to 9/29 email: "We are doing fine. I would like to spend some time with you. Is everything OK? It seems like you are trying to avoid us. Please let us know if something is wrong, Love, (Both grandparents)" Grandmother did not ask or say anything along the lines of what was in the letter in person despite both grandparents signing their names off on the email. 10/3: Email from Grandfather: "Tried to call but your phone says the number is unavailable. Call us when you can. (Phone number thats been the same since they've owned that house, AKA for nearly two decades)" 10/7: Grandfather ordered. He asked about not being able to reach her by phone. She told him she got a new phone and offered to give him her new number. He refused to do that then and told her she had to call his house with her new number instead. (Read: it must be on his terms even though she could have put it directly into his cell phone right then and there) 10/?: Sometime in between grandfather and grandmother ordering, her mother came out there claiming she had a dream about my wife being homeless and was "checking" on her. Can't pinpoint specific date beyond that. She did not order. 10/16: Grandmother ordered. Wife did not make contact with her. Wife went to the back of the store and let others deal with her. 10/17: Email from grandfather. "Let me know if you get this Email. Call me (number) Did you want to give me your new phone number? What's going on? Love, (Name)" 10/20: Grandfather left letter on car windshield. Full details of the incident on this entry. Text of letter: "(Name), I've asked you several times to call me, but you have not. I've sent you emails asking the same thing, but nothing. Maybe I don't have the right email address, I don't know. I've tried to call you but I guess you have a new number? If you could, come by the house tonight after work. If you don't mind. If we don't hear from you I'll assume you don't want anything to do with us anymore. I hope that's not the case. Hope to see you tonight. Love (Name)" Note: As mentioned on 10/7, he already knew she changed her phone number. Also, he acts like he's asking her to come over if she has time, but he's actually giving her an ultimatum and thus expecting she will do exactly what he wants. ETA 3/4/17: I've bolded another line. I didn't notice this before but he literally starts off the letter complaining about her not giving him her new cell phone number the way he wanted her to (by calling his house vs giving it to him in person) and then he pretends he doesn't know she changed her phone number despite that being what the letter is initially complaining about...I mean, he obviously knew so there was no reason for that line to even be there to begin with, but really, what the actual fuck? He's basically trying to rewrite what's going on no less than two sentences later. What is the point of that? Also his email asking her to call him and asking if she was planning to give him her new phone number is only three days prior to this email. What. 10/21: Mom showed up at work. Did not order. Justified grandfather's behavior and tried to get her to contact them and pretended she didn't know wife's phone number was changed when she already knew that information. 10/22: Grandfather sent email. More details about these two days and other things her family has done to mess with her in this entry. Email from grandfather: "We're here If you need to talk we're here." 11/4: Grandfather ordered. She did not make contact with him. 11/15: Grandfather showed up at work when she was alone, before store hours, with a bag of mail. (Door had been left unlocked for another employee coming in soon, store lights were off.) "We deserve an explanation." The bag of mail contained her mail from roughly a year's worth of time, half of which was opened. Letters opened up included bank statements, notice of bank account closing when she switched to a new bank, car parts recall letter, junk mail, and others. The notice of her permanent change of address was oddly missing. The last thing was clearly why he came up there. More details in this entry and this entry. Wife contacted regional manager about what to do about the situation. Manager gave advice for her on what to do. Wife's email to them that night: "I am cutting you out of my life is because you make every interaction mentally exhausting. Y'all are too clingy, guilt-tripping, and always try to run my life for me and control everything. When I give myself a break by avoiding y'all for a while, you come up to my work to see what I'm up to or pressure me about why I'm not talking to y'all and to try to get me to hurry up and talk or visit when YOU want me to. If you think I don't want to be in contact with y'all, bombarding me with emails and visits to my workplace is STALKING and HARASSMENT. The way you respond to not getting what you want from me is CRAZY. I do not wish to seek contact with any of you any further. DON'T CONTACT ME. DON'T COME TO MY WORKPLACE AGAIN OR I WILL CALL THE POLICE." Some other details about this day and other things her family has done in this entry. 11/26: Mom shows up at work to order. Some details on that in this entry. (No contact at all in December) 1/3: Mother came up to her work pretending to inform her about a dent in her car, then ended the conversation with "why do you hate me and your brother". Mother admits she knew about the contents of my wife's email from 11/15 before going up to her workplace. Details in this entry. 2/13: Grandfather shopped at store directly beside the store she works in. This is not a regular occurrence. He passed her on the streets while driving back to the same shopping strip as she is leaving it and gives her a friendly wave and smile as if nothing happened between them. Details in this entry. 2/28: Grandfather drives by the store but does not park anywhere in the strip. Thirty minutes later, he comes back and parks far from her workplace around when she's unlocking the door at the time she's supposed to. Wife goes to back of the store just in case. Roughly ten minutes after that, he's gone and she finds he's slipped a birthday card for her onto the employee side of the counter. Details in this entry. March 2017- 3/7: Grandfather came up to work gleefully waving a card around in his hand before the store was open. Coworker gave card to Wife. Details here. (No contact in April or May) 6/2: Grandmother came up to her work to order shortly after grandmother's birthday passed. Details here. (No contact in July or August) 9/1: Mother came up to her work place to order. She arrived shortly after my wife had just left, them passing each other on the road. Details here. 9/5: Grandfather came up to her work place. He said he wanted to talk. She told him if he wasn't there to order, he needed to leave, then he left. Entry for this here. 9/12: Grandfather placed order and sent grandmother to pick it up. She left before any contact with her could be made. Entry here. 9/22: Grandfather placed an order and sent mother with new boyfriend to pick it up. Wife avoided contact. Entry. 10/1: Mom placed an order in person and picked it up in person. Entry. 10/10: Grandmother came by the store to do a round of checking. Wife left earlier than usual, so no clue if they ordered later. Entry. ETA: Order history shows they didn't order! That's good. Though this may be because she got off work much earlier than usual. But they haven't been back since, so here's hoping that's it for now. 11/13: According to one of her coworkers, her grandparents ordered on this Monday and her mother was the one who came to pick up the order. Details here. Entry about other things her family has done. Here's another entry with some other things that may have been mentioned before in more detail and stuff I don't think I've brought up before. These are not all the emails sent in this timeframe, as she deleted some of them.