||October 10th, 2017 Tuesday|| A quick update. At work earlier, my wife saw her grandmother park in the parking lot and look inside the store from her car, then leave. She suspected they would likely order later in the night, since that fits their past behavior of checking that she's actually working that day before ordering. My wife ended up leaving earlier than usual today, so she wasn't around when they would typically order. She doesn't work again until Friday, so if they did order, no one may mention it by then. Just recording this here that one of them was up around there again and doing that checking thing. It's been just over a week since any of the three have been up there, and she doesn't work typically work Mondays. It also seems to be their pattern since this started up again for them to be up there Tuesdays and Fridays (the only exception was one was a Sunday), and today is a Tuesday. Her grandfather's birthday has already passed, so I don't get what their deal is. What is this supposed to accomplish?