||November 18th, 2016 Friday|| After the event at my wife's work and contacting her boss about it, she decided to finally send them an email about it. She told them how crazy they were acting and that she didn't want to be around them anymore. If they come up there again, she warned them, she would call the police. That happened very late that night. There has been no contact back from them. No email response, and no coming back up to her work place. He didn't even try sending up her mom or her brother in. I don't know how long this will last, but I hope that's the last of it. Maybe he got the message that sending them up there would still result in the cops being called. Gotta wonder what the store manager is going to think when she hears all about this shit. She's been off on vacation during this, but she already knows about some of their batshit behavior. I still can't believe this mothefucker comes up to the store when it's not even open, sees the lights are off but tries to go in anyway just because he sees her car is in the parking lot, and stands around in the fucking dark with a bag of half opened mail waiting for her to come to the front of the store. Just so he can demand she "give him an explanation" about her changing her address officially. How the hell someone can be so deluded as to believe they deserve an explanation for someone changing their official address to where they've fucking lived for years while they hold a bag of mail they've been hoarding for most of the year that they've half opened is just so...how. How does that work in his brain? I'm sure he convinced himself that he had to open those letters because he was "concerned" or some shit. Her grandparents have always opened up her mail and handed it over to her like it's no big deal. No big deal. It's against the law! That evening after he pulled that shit, we ended up going out to eat at a restaurant and getting her a new video game to play. The restaurant was decent. Mostly, I just wanted her to have her mind on something other than being anxious about him. The anxiousness is still going to be there for a while of course. That man is unpredictable. But now that he's been warned the cops will be called on him if he shows up there, if he's dumb enough to try and come up there again, he should know what to expect and he will only be making a fool of himself. He can't spin it to look like she's the crazy one either. Multiple employees already know about their behavior, have seen some of their inappropriateness, and the district manager has already been informed about the situation. He'll only end up making a fool of himself or anyone he tries to send up there. With the holidays so close by, I have to wonder if he'll try to use that in some way to think he can just do whatever and come up there, or try contacting her by email. At this point, she plans on deleting that account after she gets her other accounts connecting to a new email and that will end the last line of communication they have to contact her through. This whole recent drama started over a phone number change, but it's been building really since the beginning of the year. It amazes me how quickly this all exploded. None of them really have any grasp on where they are when they confront her. It's just astounding. I feel like I shouldn't be surprised. I've seen similar deluded behavior from my own family, but sometimes it's hard for me to think there's that many other crazy people outside my own family. Like I should be some isolated incident. Looking deeper into this kind of behavior, there's so many others who deal with the same bullshit. It's disturbing. She mentioned yesterday thinking back on how he acted when she dropped out of college and him destroying a shirt with the school's name on it when she remembered her grandmother confessed to her later he also destroyed or got rid of a shirt he had from when she was a really little kid too. That reminds me of another incident with her grandmother when she tried to quit smoking. Her grandfather decided as her reward, he framed a cigarette carrying pouch he made for her and put it in their bedroom for her to have to stare at daily, without any regard to how she may have wanted to deal with it. When she failed to quit and he found out, he went straight to destroying it in front of her. Who knows what goes on in his head when he does shit like this. Considering he's had no problem intentionally trying to endanger people before, I think I have a pretty good idea of what sort of message he's trying to send with that.