||October 22st, 2017 Sunday|| So my mom has always gone on about how she will do anything for family. How she dropped out of college to supposedly to pay for her dad's hospital bills and take care of him, how she spent so much of her paychecks as a teenager on her parents, how she bought her dad two different cars, how she came to the US to help her sister, blah blah blah. I've been noticing how much bullshit this really is lately. According to my dad (again, have to take that with a grain of salt as he lies a lot too) -The debt my mom claims her sister left her with, he's said again and again he paid a lot of that debt and she was going to go to jail if he didn't pay a bunch of shit for her, that she claimed that debt was all her sister's but he saw no proof of that and was convinced it was really her debt all along, and this debt was in the thousands -My mom's never mentioned the jail thing, and that her sister just ditched her and disappeared, and was held accountable for nothing but somehow only my MOM who was paying rent while her sister supposedly wasn't was SOMEHOW being held accountable for ALL of her sister's debt...what -The jail thing makes me think this was not exclusively about not paying rent...but again, I can't be certain who's lying the most here, but between their two lies and my mom's other behavior, I suspect a least a chunk of that debt must have been hers, not her sister's I've already covered how bullshit the thing about the college and helping her sister out was, and how there's a weird time gap of nothing in there while she pretends the two events were back-to-back. Years of missing time she just waves away. I doubt she came to the US to help her sister and I am suspicious if she ever helped her father pay bills at all. Speaking of which, she also always claimed her parents came from money and they had a big house and were always successful, but somehow her dad couldn't pay for any of his bills? Yet his kid's minimum wage jobs totally covered everything? What. There was the weird stuff with the title of the house and her mom a few years ago. She claims her mom accused her of trying to steal the house title and entrap her as her personal servant and abandon all her family in the US. I'm not convinced this actually happened. It could have, but it seems odd. She supposedly stopped talking to her mom after that and then claimed her mom did this same thing to her sister. Her sister doesn't seem to be on bad terms with their mom though. But that could be denial of how bad their mother was acting. But my mom's also a habitual liar. What's the truth here? Who knows. But let's get to the most telling thing. So, during one of the hurricanes recently, my mom's stepsister couldn't get out of her country (Puerto Rico), but her sister lives in Florida and could at least evacuate. But she needed a place to go. My mom offered to let her stay with us, with two caveats. She couldn't bring her dog or her cat. They had to stay behind when my aunt lives beside a channel filled with alligators in an area that was expected to be severely hit. My mom's offer was an ultimatum--choose me and let your pets possibly die or risk dying with your pets. What my mom didn't expect was my aunt picked her pets. They boarded up their house, got as many sandbags as they could and risked it. They made it out okay, dog and cat and all. I asked her why she couldn't bring the pets. My mom claimed because there was nowhere to put them. I pointed out she had a massive backyard and plenty of extra space. Then she claimed the dog bites, which I doubt. But I pointed out the dog could just be kept in their garage or something for a while. It's not like it was going to be permanent. She gave no explanation for why the cat couldn't come. It just couldn't because. When she couldn't counter my points she started ranting about how her sister was choosing a "stupid dog" over her and how expensive the dog was (a half-wolf, the second one she's owned) and "who pays for a dog that expensive?! that's just STUPID". She just kept ranting on about this. Then it dawned on me. Of course. It's the dog. She's punishing her for having the dog. My mom's always been obsessed with wolves in a idolizing, mystical mumbo jumbo kind of way. But she's hated both wolf-dogs my aunt has had despite never meeting either in person. Because she's jealous. She wanted her sister to let that dog die. Because she doesn't have one and can't be special for having it. The cat was just a bonus punishment. There's more. So, more stormy weather and her stepsister's decided she needs to leave Puerto Rico because it's just a disaster there. She's just going to start over in the states. Guess who's she's staying with? My mom's sister. She not only offered to let her stay there, but she paid for the tickets for her and her husband to come there. My mom's response? Puerto Rican's are lazy people who deserve no help and are worth no sympathy. They're worthless. If my aunt/her stepsister was worth anything, she would have fixed her own problems with resources she'd poof out of thin air. She quoted back some things her stepsister mentioned about the conditions--the roads were blocked all over the place, no gas, no water, no electricity...somehow, my aunt was supposed to fix everything by herself and just tough it out and if she doesn't she's a lazy piece of shit. She also then claimed Puerto Ricans shouldn't expect help from the US because the US isn't obligated to help some foreign country. I had to remind her that Puerto Rico is a US territory. Fucking Christ. She then ranted on about her sister and how she was frivolous for spending so much money on their stepsister when she's "so poor" (is she really?). "Where did she even get that kind of money?! It's ridiculous!" I don't know. Who knows. Maybe she took out a loan. Maybe she can save better than you. Maybe her family brings in more money than you've been claiming. What does it matter? Why is she a bad person for spending money to get her sister out of a country in the midst of a natural disaster with a collapsing government? (But you know, expensive dog and living near the coast in Florida, I have the sneaking suspicion her sister's part of the family brings in a lot more money than my mom acts like she does.) Ah, but then it made sense. Her stepsister is getting attention for having endured hardships and needing help. My mom can't get attention away from her. And her sister is getting attention too, for helping her. My mom can't get attention away from her either. So, she's fuming. They're bad people because she's not the center of attention. So, this season, my mom has risked her sister's life, wanted her pets to die to punish her sister for having a wolf-dog, called her stepsister a lazy ass for leaving a destroyed country, and her sister frivolous for paying for tickets for her stepsister to escape said country. Todo para la familia. Yeah, right. Just like she never gave a shit about us. Just like she abuses my grandmother/dad's mother because she's senile now and handicapped and can't do shit about it. My mom will gives everything for her family...if it makes her look good, get all the attention, and she doesn't have to do much or can get her money back on whatever. No one is as important to my mom as my mom, and maybe my dad when she's catering to his whims. But that too is circumstantial as they both have always sought out to sabotage each other from day one. It's pathetic, and sickening. Despite all the trips we took to Florida when I was a kid, not once was visiting my aunt ever on the agenda. She's allowed my grandmother to visit briefly, and much like my dad, she'd keep us mostly apart. I wonder, what stories would they have to tell about her? She wouldn't even let us talk with my aunt on the phone. Before being obsessed with Facebook, my mom rarely mentioned her stepsister at all. Now she's always up in her business. She was criticizing my aunt/her step-sister for not updating her Facebook regularly after she lost electricity and then coming to Florida. I don't know. Maybe someone who's been through a natural disaster and moved into another country abruptly has more to focus on than updating their Facebook account.