||October 22st, 2017 Sunday|| Another gem from a shit parent in public: Bitchy old lady to cashier: I don't know where my kid is. Cashier: That's not good. Bitch: Eh, she's sixteen now. She can fend for herself. Cashier: Yeah, at a certain age, you should be able to manage. Bitch: Where is she?! I don't know where she is. But she's sixteen. I'm so tired. I have a full time job now! I can't be dealing with this. I'm so over this "parenting" thing. I'm just DONE with it. She can figure it out. She can find her own way home. Cashier: Uh, you know you can go over there to customer service and call for her to come to the front. All you have to do is-- Bitch: Oh, I see her over there. (there's no one over there but employees) She'll find me or she'll find a way to get home on her own. *leaves very quickly store* Cashier: Uh...??? Bitchy lady had a cell phone on her. Chose not to text kid. Had no idea where kid was in the store. And refused to call her up to the front, then pretended she saw her when told she could just call her up there. There was seriously no customer over there. I'd already been looking in that direction the whole time. The only people over there were a male employee working electronics, a middle aged woman working at customer service, and a twenty-something lady putting up items on shelves. That's it. And the lady just left, like bolted out of there as fast as she could. As a note, it's late at night, we have a lot of crime here and no public transportation. It's like trees and nothing for miles once you leave the highway. How was this girl supposed to get home? I hope this lady didn't really leave her kid. Another day, another reminder of my mom, but she'd be pulling crap like that long before we reached teenage years...or kindergarten. For a second, I'm like, sixteen, hmm maybe she can drive...uh, what? The car her mom left in?! I hope she was just throwing a tantrum and was going to wait for the kid in the car...I really, really hope. Maybe they live nearby? There are houses in walking distance, like about a twenty-thirty minute walk, but again, it's through a very isolated area with almost no lighting, no sidewalk, and I know a bunch of shady shit goes on there at night, like drug deals and really weird shit. Not exactly where I'd want my kid to walk through if they didn't have to. Anywhere else around there though, and I'd say the walk would be too far to be reasonable, especially that late at night. I'm just gonna hope she was only being dramatic for attention or something.