||November 15th, 2016 Tuesday|| So, I get some texts from my wife early in the morning while I'm getting ready. Recently, we got most of her information changed to this address. Well, when you change your address with the USPS, they send a letter to the old address and the new address. And that's what triggered this incident. Because even though she hasn't lived at that address in years, and she's closer to thirty than twenty, her family needs an explanation for this sudden realization that, duh, that's not her address anymore. Of course, this situation with her mail has always been about wanting them to keep things coming to their house so they could have a reason to force her to come over (to get her mail), much like their bullshit about always wanting her to let her grandmother do her taxes, and her grandfather trying to trick her into letting him keep her car title in his safe. Now they can't make hold her mail hostage anymore. Oops. Really, that should have been done a long time ago, but anyway. So, her grandfather, being the most crazy of all, shows up at her work this morning. The door's unlocked and she's expecting one of the other employees to be there soon, but the lights at the front of the store are off. Despite it being obvious they're not open for business yet, he comes in anyway and shows that he has her most recent mail. I'll just type up some of the things she sent as texts. "I brought your mail" "We deserve an explanation" AKA He looked through her mail again and is upset to find out mail for her won't be coming to him anymore. //Some bullshit about me and her, LOL// Sorry dude, you're not getting any info on that. She tells him she can't talk right now because she has things to do. You know, cause she's at work. "But we deserve at least something." We, to add to the guilt again. Remember, you're hurting everyone! "Is there anyone here? Can you step outside for a second?" Or, you can stop working to talk to me because no one's around to see. Now come outside somewhere where there aren't cameras on us. I don't know if that was his full intention with the last part, but I don't trust a guy who's admitted to trying to kill his own son who wound up mysteriously murdered, okay. "Can you give me a call?" She tells him she can and that one of the other employees will be there soon. He still demands to talk right then and there. After she explains she's having trouble speaking (we both have laryngitis right now) and she doesn't want to further strain her voice, he continues. "Can you send me an email?" "We just want to know." Yes, mid-twenties woman, why are you making your address officially listed as where you've been living for years? Why don't you want to live with your grandparents forever? I find this all very ridiculous. What happened to him deciding if she didn't go to his house at a specific date and time that he would take it as a sign she didn't want them in her life anymore? He pushed that (though it was already true), but he keeps doing things like this. As she said herself, there's no point in even emailing him an explanation because he'd just come back up there anyway and argue about it. No reason would be good enough, and he would deny his creepiness and spin it that she's the wrong one and needs to come back to them. So, that's pointless. The question now is what tactic will he use from here. More stalking? Sending in other relatives to guilt her about not contacting him? Or sending them in and not talking to her to remind her about how they can just come into her place of work anytime and she can't do anything about it? More emails? Most of every other way they could get to her has been eliminated, and she's changing her email soon too. Really, the only way he can bother her now is through work. Maybe he'll get the message this time. The more he does this shit, the crazier he looks. Getting real tired of this bullshit.