||November 26th, 2016 Saturday|| And here I thought he would wait a few days before sending up another pawn. They're getting ridiculous now. So, when my wife gets off work and calls me that she's coming home, she has another story to tell. Later in the evening, her mom shows up this time at the store. She goes to the back of the store and texts her boss why she's back there. Her mom was, according to one of the other employees, being a royal bitch about everything. She was there a long time because the order had to be remade because someone forgot to cut the pizza in the special way she requested they do it and apparently they can't eat it if it's not cut a certain way. When she finally left, her boss texted her that she was gone. The other employee mentioned that the order wasn't under her mom's name, but some guy's name. And she's like, "Yeah, it's my grandfather." She mentioned my wife's age again, WTFing at so many people being so freaking out about everything she does. So her grandmother coming up there earlier was just to check that she was actually working that day. Just so they could order, have a legit reason to be there so she couldn't call the cops on them, and shove it in her face that they were there when she told them she didn't want to communicate with them anymore. I'm going to point out her family didn't even used to order from this place before she started working there. They only order there now because she works there and never have the food delivered, giving them the perfect excuse to come up there whenever they want. She told her boss, "If something happens to me in my car and I'm dead tomorrow, you know why." She thinks their next course of action is to try to come in earlier in the day to ensure she's the one who will have to take the order and try to talk to her while using that they're placing an order as their proof they're not breaking the whole "don't come up to my work trying to talk to me or I'll call the cops" thing. Jokes on them though. She fully intends to call the cops if they try to do anything other than order. That's already what the district manager told her to do, so. They're fucking idiots, really. My wife wondered if the reason her mom's being their pawn again right now in spite of that whole threat of police interference is because she acts like a five year old around Christmas and her grandfather might be using whether or not she gets Christmas presents as motivation to do their bidding. TBH, that kind of childish mentality just reminds me of my brother when he does crap for my parents. Sad, really, in more ways than one. Like her mom would complain if her own children got more presents than her. Are you okay, lady? You know, on second thought, that also sounds like my dad. Really, they're just making fools of themselves at this point. People are her work know about their behavior so the more they do this, the more it makes it obvious how crazy they are. She joked about putting a sign in her windshield saying something like "Stop stalking me, psychos : )". They can't contact her by e-mail anymore either. So now it really is just down to her workplace is the only place they can talk to her at. ETA: Another note. My wife points out, while not entirely consistent, they have typically usually ordered on Fridays. She hasn't worked the last two Fridays, but she generally works Fridays. She presumes they would have ordered yesterday, but she wasn't there. And then it dawned on me, of course, Friday's the day after Thanksgiving too. It's like part of this was just them coming up there to punish her for not spending Thanksgiving with them. *Eyeroll*