||November 4th, 2016 Friday|| I got married on Monday. Yes, Halloween. I considered getting married on the date of our seventh anniversary of being together (later this month), but Halloween seemed to right. We did a courthouse marriage, which was nice and short and very informal. The judge married about six couples at a time and had everyone say their vows simultaneously. We didn't exchange rings because we both hate jewelry, so it would be a waste. I'm not a traditional kind of person. I'm not going to do something simply out of tradition if that thing has no meaning to me on a personal level. I don't need a physical object to represent something I'm already verbally stating. We both wore blue jeans to our wedding, because that's what suits us. To dress up in a fancy dress and a tuxedo would be lying about what we really wanted. I was the most underdressed person there, but I don't really care. I wore what I wanted to wear. I have no intentions of going on a honeymoon. After that, the university decided to inform me that they didn't have any record of me turning in a form for them to send to the courthouse to excuse me from jury duty despite me handing it to them in person to the very lady claiming I didn't. I sent them another copy, faxed it, then emailed a copy to the courthouse, then faxed the courthouse. Amusingly, the courthouse replied first and approved my excusal request. The university's registrar department still has not responded back to me. I also got randomly selected to confirm some other information for another department. When I emailed them for clarification on some of it, they send me back a clearly copy and pasted BS FAQ that had nothing to do with what I actually asked them. I emailed them again to ask for more clarification and am still waiting to hear back from them. Last month, I managed to put up a decent amount of writing. I've been reorganizing some parts of the other site too. I'm not mentally used to switching from "my girlfriend" to "my wife" yet. I'm sure it'll become second nature soon enough. We haven't bothered telling anyone in our families. I don't plan on it. Speaking of families, after that whole fiasco with her family, none of them have been up there to bother her since. Hopefully, it stays that way. A bit of amusement. This has been a running thing with my dad, because he's an idiot, but I was thinking about this earlier. He has long been going on that every single house he moves into needs to be bigger than his last house or he has "fail" as a person. My brother thinks this way now too, which is ironic since my brother has no HS diploma/GED, no college, no job, and lives in my parent's basement. Somehow, he's going to have a big house because that's what he's supposed to have. My dad is also stupid in a different way. He's been offered promotions for years and refused them all, but somehow expects to keep making more money each year and always move into a bigger house. You idiots have removed the possibility of that ever happening. But why is that important? When we were poor and lived in a smaller house, we actually went on vacation once a year. A cheap as hell vacation, but still. As my father has gone forward getting bigger and bigger houses, he doesn't go anywhere. He just stays home, complains about how he doesn't have money for anything when he should, and then buys things just for himself in the moment to make the house look "fancier" instead of saving a dime. Why is your house your life? The way he eats is also like that. He never ate a ton when we were poor and ate whatever. The more money he made, the more money he spent on food, and the more ridiculous his meal choices became. Steak, all the time, really expensive ones. The most expensive spices. Elaborate meals just because "he deserves it because he works so hard". As my mother noticed long ago, my father cannot actually tell the difference between anything expensive or cheap. She's long switched out things behind his back to save a couple bucks here and there, and the only time he ever noticed was when he saw an empty can's label. He can't cook very well either, but belittled everyone else who cooks. This is another behavior my brother has adopted from him, but is made somehow even more insufferable since my brother, you know, is a complete shut-in with no life experience and no responsibilities. I don't get why these things matter so much. Any house where everything's in decent, working condition is good enough for me. And I'll be just fine with a bowl of rice and beans. I don't need a lot. What's the point of wasting all that money on things when I can be content with things much cheaper? That money could be used for something else. There's a weird elitist attitude they both have too about only doing "cool" things. I can't decide who sounds dumber, my dad who's nearly 50 or my brother who's in his 20's. My brother still won't wear pants that aren't the color black because those aren't "cool" and he never wears shorts. Their ideas of coolness seem like they came out of some high school/college set movie. They complained so much about the retro game shop that used to be around here because their card game tournaments weren't a "cool" kind of TCG and the people there looked "normal" or something. They didn't like the Japanese culture festival we went to because it wasn't an anime convention. They thought the RenFaire was uncool and wouldn't go to one but they wanted to go to a "cool" themed restaurant that had jousting because it being in an expensive place makes it better. Arcades need to be standalone buildings without children and expensive to get into as well, apparently. That makes them "cool". As you might expect, they pretty much don't go to anything ever. (And I'm not sure why they think anime cons are cool. Having been to one before, I found it an entirely cringeworthy experience as a teenager.) At this point, since I can't stand any of them, whenever I do talk to them, I mostly just troll them. My brother is the easiest. He was getting all huffy and butthurt that I didn't agree with him that Netflix original programming was the best TV shows ever and that I am completely sick of adaptions. His proof that something was good was that the shows had good ratings, and if the masses all enjoy something, it makes it good. I pointed out that the masses as a whole tend to also be have generally low standards, so that doesn't tell you if something's good or not, just that a lot of people watch it, and good itself is subjective anyway. But he's still adamant that certain things are universally good/bad, and if you like/dislike those things, you are wrong. Opinions, apparently, are no longer just opinions. I told him too if I wanted to enjoy a comic book story, I could just read what's being adaption and likely get a better story. He agreed that the adaptions weren't as good, but then went on to say something entirely baffling to me. "That doesn't matter. Reading is boring." I said, "So you would rather watch something you yourself think is the inferior version simply so you don't have to read?" "Yes. Watching TV is way better than reading. (laughs loudly) Reading is stupid." Dude, you're talking about comics. They're already fucking mostly pictures. It was like I was talking to Gaston or something. This is also coming from the guy who used to read manga like crazy and Lovecraft's stuff. What the hell happened here?! I guess I shouldn't be surprised the guy who got rid of his 360 and TV because "console games are for losers" and then turned around and spent most of his time watching TV with his dad would be that stupid. I personally don't like reading comics. I was only saying that stuff to fuck with him, and then he said that. Pure gold. At some point, he got so huffy he said, "If you don't like what's on regular cable and you don't like Netflix, then you just don't watch TV!" For some reason, he thought this would be some massive blow to me. I laughed and said, "Yeah, I don't. You know I don't have cable, and I don't use Netflix or Hulu." He had nothing to say to that. Like it was such a shocking revelation that I don't bother watching much of anything ever. I am watching a couple of anime titles this season, but that's about it. Conversations about video games end the same way, with him telling me I'm wrong because I like things that aren't what all the "cool" people like and him being shocked that I play only a few things and how that's so weird to not be consuming media 24/7. Dude, go outside. Please. And don't play a mobile game when you do. Even when he used to go on the nature trail with my dad, they would go off the main path because that's what "cool" people do and brag about how cool they were on their "cool" bikes. I tried to get him interested in archery once, but he realized he might mess up in front of people, and that's not "cool" so he can't do that. That's also his excuse for not doing anything new, really. He has told me many times "there's no point in doing something unless you're good at it from the start". I'm not sure what person put that idea in his head, or if he just came up with that so he could sit on his ass all day. Honestly, I think it's the latter. Well, as old as he is now, he's too old for me to still be trying to attempt to guide away from that kid of stupidity. I'm just really confused how he's this old and still acting like he's thirteen years old. As for my dad, there's absolutely no way he can afford his current house, and absolutely no way he could afford a more expensive and bigger one. I guess that means he's going to have to deal with being a "failure" by living within his means. I don't get where this mentality even came from. No one in his family, other than one guy who married into a rich family, has ever had a giant house or been anywhere near his current salary for that matter. He seriously thinks he's some kind of king dumped into a poor family or something stupid like that. Dude, you're just an ordinary guy. You're not entitled to anything for existing. I wonder sometimes why it is despite my parents being very abusive when we were younger that my brother seems so hellbent on becoming my dad. You would think he'd hate him like I do. But I always got the brunt of their abuse. Depressing as it is, I wonder if that's the very reason why. I was so busy protecting him from enduring all that bullshit that he has no idea what I was actually going through most of the time. Sure, he got some of it, but I minimized that to as few things as possible. It's like he can't even see what's wrong with them. I guess that's a lost cause. Where did I go wrong? I wonder if that also means he'll end up treating other people like how my dad did if he ever gets in a relationship again and has kids. Given how he acted around his old girlfriend, I think it's safe to say that is a very real possibility, but I hope that is not the case. Maybe he's copying will just continue to be stupid stuff like thinking he deserves to have wealth for existing and acting like a middle schooler.